Chiropractic Care



This course consists of 10 videos covering chiropractic care.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Explain what chiropractic care involves
• Differentiate between injuries that may benefit from chiropractic care and those which may require other types of treatment.
• Discuss common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care
• List a number of pre-chiropractic treatment considerations
• Discuss what to expect during a chiropractic treatment
• Explain what to expect after a chiropractic treatment

The course is presented by Dr. Joanna Robson.

Dr. Joanna Robson is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, (2002 graduate of the Washington State University Honors Veterinary Medicine Program) and is a:
– Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapist (HOWC)
– Certified Massage Practitioner (Pacific School of Massage)
– Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (Chi Institute)
– Certified Saddlefitting Technician (Saddlefit4Life)
– Certified Infrared Thermographer (Infraspection Institute and Tech Director of
– Nationally and Internationally sought after lecturer and clinician

You may test your knowledge at the end of this course through the quiz. If you score over 70%, you can download a free certificate and an electronic badge to share on your LinkedIn and social media profiles to show you have passed this course.