Getting Ahead in Your Horsemanship



How you can achieve the best results in your Horsemanship

This course is designed for horse owners, riders and coaches who want the best results from your learning and training .

Life coach and horsemanship instructor, Helen O’ Hanlon explains how to train your mind and to reframe thoughts and experiences that may be blocking you from achieving your full potential. You will learn useful techniques that will help you to maximize your learning and you will be able to create a strategy and practice techniques that ensure your long-term progress with your horse.

Through easy to follow videos, quizzes and exercises, Helen guides you to attaining the knowledge and tools you need to realize your full potential as an equestrian. You will also learn some simple tips that will make the difference between achieving mediocre results or best-in-class outcomes.


This course consists of videos, quizzes, discussions, exercises and other elements designed to ensure mastery of the material covered.

If you complete the course and score at least 70%, you may download a free certificate.