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Hi, I’m Caroline.
Like you, perhaps, my involvement with horses is a life-long story. I have loved horses ever since I can remember.

Horse life for most of us, is a journey of highs and lows – excitement and elation when things are going well – and disappointment and heartache when injuries happen – or frustration when you feel something’s not quite right but you just can’t get to the root of it.

Some years ago, I realized that most of my frustration stemmed from a sense of helplessness – I relied completely on the advice of professionals who very often gave me conflicting advice – and I just didn’t know enough so that I could be a proper advocate for my horse. 

I spent my scarce free time watching YouTube videos and reading posts on social media


But I still felt I couldn’t be 100% sure if what I was ‘learning’ was fact or just opinion!


I decided I would try to become the best horse owner I could be and along the way, I realized that other people were having similar experiences to me.

So, on behalf of myself and others like me,  I started Equitopia with the goal of creating a resource that I wish I had access to years ago. 

I reached out to people with relevant knowledge and experience who could educate me. I wanted to get past opinion and really find tried and tested evidence-based information that would be good for me and my horses.

I have taken the greatest care to ensure that everything you find on this site can be trusted.

Take a look at what you can get here…

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We offer online courses which you can do in your own time from the comfort of your computer or smart phone.

They  focus on:

  • Training
  • Equine behavior
  • Rider balance and posture
  • Equine Wellness
  • Equine nutrition
  • Hoof care
  • Saddle fit

We examine various schools of thought on the care, welfare and training of horses and share our findings through:

  • Monthly webinars where Equitopia experts address a range of issues proposed by our membership
  • Entertaining and informative monthly podcasts which bring together knowledge and experience of our experts from all corners of the world.

We’re taking the stress out of learning for busy people on the go!

Our new Equitopia members’ self-paced academy is especially designed and structured for busy horse people.

The academy  makes it easy for you to stay on top of your learning by progressing at your own pace through bite-sized videos, articles, podcasts and lessons.

You decide when, where and how much time you spend learning!

We collaborate with global industry experts to develop videos on topics including:

  • Equine rehabilitation – documenting how horses with difficulties progress through our program of care and training
  • Tips from experts – top tips from some of our experts
  • Building Equitopia – documenting our approach to developing horse-friendly living spaces at our own Equitopia facility
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of moments our professionals think are worth sharing

Each month we add new content:

  • Our global network of equine professionals contribute a steady flow of fascinating blog posts
  • Research ‘easy reads’ are short summaries of equine studies. We know that most horse people don’t have time to read entire studies, so we develop these articles to keep time-poor equestrians at the cutting edge.

We work with experts in the equine industry around the world who run 10-week series of live courses for our members throughout the year.

Whole Horse Whole Rider Education

From some of the world’s leading experts

Meet some of the people I have learnt from –

who will also share what they know with you!

Mary Wanless

Dr Sue Dyson

Dr Gerd Heuschmann

Katja Porenta

Dr Andrew McLean

Wendy Murdoch

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