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Let’s create a compassionate world where all equines are respected and protected.

Equitopia provides people who love their horses and who want an authentic equestrian experience a gateway to the world of harmonious, welfare centric horsemanship, through a wealth of research-based online courses and resources.

Are you the Advocate your Horse Needs you to Be?

For $7.95/month you can be confident in your ability to advocate for your horse and the protocols that will preserve them physiclly, mentally and emotionally while enhancing performance.  When you  become a member of our platform, you will gain access to high-quality, evidence and research based content from some of the most knowledgeable international specialists in the world.

Let’s unite for horses and help make the long overdue change through raising awareness, education and advocacy!

Be a part of something special and help create positive animal welfare reform.

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  • Monthly Live Webinars with renowned experts plus Q&A and recordings

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