Basic Equine Bodywork for Horse Owners




Basic Equine Bodywork for Horse Owners

Groundbreaking Course for Horse Owners, Riders and Trainers

This course is designed for horse owners, riders and trainers who would like to know more about equine bodywork.

Throughout the course, you will gain an understanding of  bodywork and how it can help your horse.  You will also learn some simple techniques that you  can use between visits from a professional bodyworker to make sure your horse is comfortable.

In this course, Basic Equine Bodywork for Horse Owners,  Katja Porenta takes you through each area of the horse’s body giving clear explanations of how each part functions from a biomechanical point of view. Through easy to follow videos, she will guide you to attaining the knowledge and  tools you need to safely care for your horse between visits from your bodyworker.

By the end of the course you will be able to understand how typical issues in the horse’s body are connected to its biomechanics and you will be able to describe the symptoms of tension in each section of the body.

This course consists of videos, quizzes, discussions, exercises and other elements designed to to ensure mastery of the material covered.

If you complete the course and score at least 70%, you may download a free certificate.

This course does not give you the tools to work on other people’s horses. It is not an equine bodywork certification course and is not a substitute for regular bodywork or veterinary attention.