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Katja Porenta


Katja is an Equine Bodyworker and biomechanics enthusiast from Slovenia. She completed her certification with Equinology Inc. in 2012 and has been running her own bodywork practice ever since. During this time she has worked alongside equine veterinarians, physiotherapists and osteopaths from all over Europe, constantly gaining new insights into how the horse’s body works.

Her interest in the horse’s movement sparked a profound interest in biomechanics, which is one of her favourite subjects to this day. In 2015 she completed the Equine Neurology and Muscle Disorders and Equine Nutrition courses with Dr. Eleanor Kellon, which gave her a broader understanding into how the horse’s body works. She went on to complete her certification in Therapeutic Sports Massage for people and started working with riders in addition to horses.

Inspired by the work of Thomas Myers she developed a deep interest in the role and function of fascia which led her to attend the Optimising the Horse’s Straightness, Balance and Performance through Fascia Retraining and Postural Rehabilitation Symposium with Dr. Kerry Ridgway and Manolo Mendez in Germany. In pursuit of understanding more about therapeutic groundwork for horses she spent two months in The Netherlands, training with Ylvie Fros, a Bent Branderup licenced trainer. There she learned about the principles of classical dressage and how they can be applicable to the process of rehabilitation or retraining horses.

In addition to working as a full-time Equine Bodyworker, Katja regularly writes articles on equine biomechanics and equine healthcare issues for several different publications. In recent years she has teamed up with classical dressage trainer Alja Kisilak to educate horse owners and riders in Slovenia.
They regularly hold seminars and workshops on the topic of proper training techniques and the role of bodywork in horse training. Katja believes in the importance of education, which is why she is constantly trying to gain new knowledge by attending different seminars, workshops and courses.

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