The Essential Guide To Saddle Fitting


Your Complete guide to English saddle fit and function



Do you know if your saddle is damaging your horse?

Investing in a proper saddle could be the key to enjoying your horse for many more years and avoiding a future of massive and endless vet bills for a horse you can’t ride.


And yet a surprising number of equestrians buy saddles off the shelf – without consulting a professional saddle fitter.

The course provides essential knowledge for horse owners and equine professionals including saddle fitters, bodyworkers and veterinarians.

Leading saddle experts Georgie Welge and Lisa Fay guide you through each module using easy to follow video content followed by a short quiz to assess your understanding.

In this course you will learn all about English saddles:

  • How the saddle should fit you and your horse

  • How to tell when your saddle may be causing a problem; and

  • If you discover a problem – what you should do about it.

The course is split into five video modules:


  • Module 1: Saddle Fit Basics  (14minutes 15 seconds)

  • Module 2: Saddle Construction  (11 minutes 58 seconds)

  • Module 3: How your Saddle Should Fit  (11 minutes 23 seconds)

  • Module 4: Signs your Saddle doesn’t Fit  (14 minutes 21 seconds)

  • Module 5: Recognising Flaws in your Saddle (12 minutes 37 seconds)

After completing the five video lessons you will be able to take a quiz on each module to assess your understanding.

After completion of the course you will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment from Equitopia Centre and Master Saddle Fitters International.


“Equitopia provides an intuitive learning portal that really targets key knowledge areas for equestrians and uses reputable, industry leading figures who ensure the information is both interesting and reliable.” C. Hollywood, N. Ireland


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