Groundwork – Basic Strength Training for Horses




Horses should not be loaded with the weight of a rider until they are capable of moving with good posture and balance on their own.

But... what’s the best way to train them so that we get to that point?


Working from the ground is perfect to establish good communication and a strong relationship with your horse – which of course, is a great basis for achieving optimal performance.


What you will learn in this course:

In this course, experienced trainer, Alja Kisilak from Slovenia, gives you a set of very powerful groundwork exercises that she has practiced, tried and tested over 20 years as a professional. These techniques have significantly helped hundreds of horses toward better core strength, balance and performance.

You will not only learn how to do the exercise, but also the reasons behind why each exercise is good for horses from a biomechanical perspective.

You will also learn how to prepare for each training session with your horse and benefit from Alja’s many years of professional experience, so you can avoid common pitfalls in performing each exercise.

You will have access to download several resources including:

  • posters

  • planning sheets

  • flashcards

  • and more!

to help you integrate these exercises into your regular training sessions.

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Click on the video below for a peek at what you’ll find in this course:

Are you Ready?

Alja has put her heart and soul into creating this course because of her unwavering passion for learning and teaching, and her deep desire to bring out the best in the horse and the rider – making the experience fun for both.

We are sure you will love this course!

Learning is good for you and your horse!