Hoof Health Tutorial – Seedy Toe




Do you want to understand hoof health in more detail and have the knowledge to identify issues with your horse?

Here's your chance!

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Learning how the hoof works from an anatomical aspect is basic knowledge that all owners, trainers and equine professionals should know.

With this online tutorial presented by Lindsay Field, you will have the opportunity to explore seedy toe and white line disease through a detailed examination of two distinct hooves.

The tutorial also includes quizzes, discussions, and exercises aimed at helping you raise your awareness of these important topics.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to ever worry about our horses having lameness or poor feet? Knowing what signs and symptoms are or may occur can help us protect our horses’ feet before any problems arise!

This online tutorial provides real world advice that can make a difference – giving you peace of mind when dealing with your horse’s foot care concerns.”

Caroline Hegarty, Founder Equitopia

Take this step towards becoming more deeply knowledgeable about equine wellness so that you can ensure healthy feet for your beloved horse/pony.

“No one can be a true horseman without profound knowledge of the feet, because every time a horse is injured, it is the foot that is generally the source of the injury.”

Xenophon, On Horsemanship (circa 4th century BC)