Problems and Solutions for the Most Common Training Issues



Problems and Solutions for the Most Common Training Issues

This is an opportunity to learn from someone who has devoted their whole life to studying and learning about the correct biomechanical approach to training horses and riders.

Over two sessions, international trainer, Dr Gerd Heuschmann shares his vast knowledge and experience so that you can learn how to identify and solve some of the most common training issues.

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What people said about this webinar:

– ‘The depth of explanation added further knowledge and understanding to basic principles I have learned before’.
– ‘I always enjoy Gerd’s humor, knowledge and compassion for the horse’.
– ‘Gerd has a very clear ability to explain the riding goals and link them to the biomechanics which help the understanding’.
– ‘I like how Gerd emphasizes the errors of the modern equestrian and speaks with such compassion for the welfare of the horse’.
– ‘Fabulous insights and information’.
– ‘Experience tied to the history of the Masters from Centuries of Classical Horsemanship’.