Emotional Intelligence Skills for Horse People


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Q: Do our emotions change the way we interact with our horses?


Q: Do horses react to our emotions?


FACT: Developing emotional intelligence can help you better understand and communicate with your horse, leading to a deeper and more fulfilling partnership.

We invite you to unlock the secrets of emotional intelligence to give you a deeper connection with your horse for safer, more enjoyable interactions - and better performance.

In this course, you will learn how to recognize and regulate your emotions to make interactions with your horse safer, smoother and more enjoyable.

Learn from some of the most inspiring experts in the industry:

Katariina Alongi is a rider biomechanics coach, writer, podcaster, and equestrian life coach with over 10 years of experience understanding how emotions impact our everyday lives with horses.

Laura Mannila is a highly qualified Finnish psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and psychotherapy trainer, who specializes in body psychotherapy and equine-assisted interventions.

Anna Kilpeläinen is a professional riding instructor and animal trainer with 20 years of experience teaching riders of all levels how to have a deep understanding of how horses think and learn.

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More than 8 hours of video lessons covering theses topics:

  1. How do our emotions affect our relationship with horses?

  2. Emotions in humans and horses

  3. Body awareness and regulating arousal

  4. Understanding stress in horses

  5. Threat responses in humans and horses

  6. Minimizing fear responses in horses during training

  7. Dealing with your feelings of anger and frustration

  8. Human emotional specialties: worry, shame and guilt

  9. How thoughts and words affect our emotions

  10. Emotional welfare of horses – what does it mean?

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Don't let your emotions hold you back. Take control and see the difference it makes in your horsemanship.

  • Learn how to recognize and regulate your emotions to improve your interactions with your horse

  • Understand how horses respond to our emotional states and changes of arousal

  • Discover how emotions in humans and horses can be used to improve training and performance

  • Learn about body awareness and regulating arousal to make interactions with horses smoother and safer

  • Understand stress in horses and how it affects behavior, learning, and well-being

  • Unlock the secrets of how our bodies respond to fear and learn exercises to regulate your own fear response

  • Learn how to minimize fear responses in horses during training and improve training outcomes