Horse and Rider Asymmetry



This course is based on the first Equitopia virtual conference held in May 2020, where over two days, six experts looked at asymmetry as it applies to riders and the horse, both statically and in the pursuit of ridden work – each adding their unique insight to the topic based on their qualifications, expertise and experience.

Divided into 6 modules, the course contains a total of approximately 4 hours of lectures presented by:

  • Tami Elkyam Equine Therapist, Elkayam Equine Therapy  – ‘The Art of Reading Symmetry in the Equine Body’
  • Jillian Kreinbring, Functional Anatomy Lecturer & Trainer – ‘Asymmetry and the Equine Thoracic Sling’
  • Monique Craig, Farrier, Researcher, and Author @ EponaMind – ‘An Exploration of the Asymmetries of the Hoof’
  • Georgie Welge, Educator and Saddle Fitter @ Master Saddle Fitters International – ‘Asymmetry – The Role of the Saddle’
  • Mary Wanless, International Riding Coach – ‘The Quest for Symmetry – A Practical Demonstration’
  • Dr Sue Dyson, Equine Orthopaedic Consultant, Educator, Researcher – ‘What Aspects of Asymmetry are Important for Lameness Recognition?’

The course also contains  of a range of quizzes, discussion forums and practical exercises in addition to two panel discussions recorded at the live event and additional recordings where the speakers address the questions submitted during the conference.

If you complete the course and score at least 70% in the quizzes, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.