Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse – Topic 4




This is the fourth topic of a course that consists of 37 video lessons on 4-D training  – presented over 10 topics. The topics may be taken in sequence or if there is a specific area that you are interested in, you may choose to do which ever one(s) meet your needs.

In topic 4, Dr Karin Leibbrandt of 4dimension dressage at Equicare Plus in Holland looks at the “L.C.R.S” Diagnostic system.

At the end of this topic, you should be able to: 

  • Explain the “L.C.R.S” Diagnostic system
  • Discuss how to recognize imbalance using the L.C.R.S. Diagnostic System
  • Discuss coordination in the diagonal plane

If you score over 70% in the quiz at the end, you can download a free certificate and an electronic badge to share on your LinkedIn and social media profiles to show you have passed this topic.