Essential Protocols for Healthy Horse and Rider by Jec Ballou


The horseowner’s playbook for a sound and happy horse



In this course, you will get the tools you need to master a kind, compassionate, holistic approach to horsemanship – with strategies and tactics that are informed by research & evidence and explained by someone you can trust!!

Equitopia has partnered with well-known trainer, rider and author Jec Ballou to bring you this straight-talking, easy-to-navigate course with instantly applicable tips you don’t normally hear.

Discover a better way to:

  • Look after your horse AND your other life commitments, 

  • Keep your horse healthier to reduce constant vet bills

  • Strengthen your connection with your horse and get more enjoyment from your equestrian achievements

Easy to follow videos

Immediately applicable tools and tactics

Designed for easy note taking

Support team available

Posters and checklists

Lifetime access

Certificate on completion

Here’s a breakdown of the 5 modules you will find in this course:

  • Module 1: Assessing the physical and behavioral state of a horse — this is essential  information that most equestrians overlook. Not having this information is guaranteed to end up costing you thousands of dollars!

  • Module 2: Setting goals and expectations — Amazing things are possible when you set your goals the right way. Forget about setting goals other people tell you to achieve – this is all about you and your circumstances!

  • Module 3: Balancing life with horsemanship — Burn out is way too common in this community. You deserve better. This course will give you the tools and support which will allow you to enjoy the other things you like to do in your life.

  • Module 4: Maintaining your horse’s health — We all know that we can save time & money if we can spot things before they get worse. Learn the most reliable ways to detect problems early on so that you can finally stop the financial drain.

  • Module 5: Recognizing and responding to changes — Knowing there’s a problem is important. Knowing what to do about it is twice as important! Learn from Jec why it’s perfectly OK to change – and how to do it.

If you dream of having that perfect horse & rider partnership, you may already realize that this doesn’t just happen. We all need to make an investment in ourselves and our learning goals. This course offers you everything you need, including the confidence to become the equestrian you have always wished to be.

Course Review

By Jessica Stewart Riley – Former Director and Associate Professor in a college equine studies program; Member of the American Quarter Horse Association Professional Horsemen; American Riding Instructor Association Certified instructor in Huntseat on the Flat, Western, and Stable Management; Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist; Lifelong Horsewoman

“This course is an amazing resource for the adult amateur! Jec Ballou is a down to earth teacher, and she explains the content in a clear and interesting manner. The course does an excellent job of summarizing important big picture concepts, like evaluating posture and how posture relates to healthy movement, and Jec provides simple, effective ideas to improve any horse’s health and soundness. As a horsewoman and mom, I especially enjoyed the module that addressed balancing life with horsemanship, and found some excellent tips and reminders that I plan to use with my own horse. As the former director of a college equine studies program, I was impressed by the quality of the Equitopia course. The discussion questions at the end of each module were thought provoking, encourage the student to dig deeper into the content, and to make it their own. I loved the helpful tips and resources related to learning, like handouts, good quality images, journal pages that students can write notes on, and the opportunity to access an Equitopia Facebook page and Equitopia webinars on related topics.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their horse’s physical condition and mental soundness. Incorporating the concepts and exercises described in the course into your daily work will surely enhance your relationship with your horse!”