How to Recognize the 24 Behaviors indicating Pain in the Ridden Horse

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Q: What if your horse could tell you what’s wrong with him?

A: Well ... Maybe he can!

Many horses appear sound in hand but have underlying pain-related problems when ridden – which frequently go unrecognized.


In this course, world-renowned veterinarian and researcher, Dr Sue Dyson shows you how it is possible to determine the presence of musculoskeletal pain in ridden horses by facial expressions or other aspects of behavior.

Did you know that there are 24 distinct behaviors, that occur at least 10 times more frequently in horses that are lame?

Calling ALL Horse Owners!

If you are a horse owner, this course will help you detect pain early so that it can be put right before it becomes chronic and the horse starts to adapt its movement in other ways resulting in more problems.

This is truly a groundbreaking resource for equine professionals and amateurs – this course totally changes the way we identify problems with our horses.

The course has been developed through extensive research over two years involving six studies and 400 horses, and we believe it will change the way we identify problems with our horses.

Join now if you want to be able to recognize signs of pain EARLY

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

🥕 Recognize and describe facial features that occur more frequently in lame horses and non-lame horses

🥕 Recognize and describe the 24 behaviors which together may indicate underlying pain in the ridden horse

🥕 Recognize behaviors in a horse free of pain/sound horse

🥕 Develop a log of your horse’s behaviors to identify potential lameness

🥕 Identify the course of action to follow if pain is discovered

Are you a vet, a trainer, or a professional working in the equine industry?

This course will help you gain more knowledge to help when you are assessing a horse that has presented because of poor performance, or when a horse is undergoing a pre-purchase examination.

Through videos, quizzes, learning aids, downloadable materials and practical exercises, you will learn all the tools you need to identify underlying pain-related problems, even if they are not initially obvious.


“The course was absolutely mind blowing! I will never look at a horse the same way again! This course has great explanations and structure that will allow anyone truly interested in improving their knowledge to reach a totally different level of understanding of horses! Dr. Dyson is amazing! Hands down the best piece of information I’ve found in a long time! It should be taught to anyone that wants to be involved with horses no matter in what capacity!” 
V. Medik, USA