Equitopia Webinar April 2024


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Riding with Courage: Nurturing Mental Fitness as Your Horse’s Advocate

What you will learn about on this webinar:

🥕Developing Resilience: You will learn strategies for building resilience in the face of challenges encountered in equestrian sports, enabling you to bounce back stronger and more determined.

🥕 Enhancing Empathy: You will understand the importance of empathy in the rider-horse relationship and gain practical techniques to deepen your connection with your equine partners, leading to improved communication and mutual understanding.

🥕 Cultivating Self-awareness: You will gain insights into fostering self-awareness as an equestrian, helping your to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and emotional triggers, ultimately empowering you to make informed decisions as advocates for your  horses.

The challenge of keeping horses in optimal form is inevitable, equipping yourself with the knowledge required to implement a welfare-centered solution is optional.

Equitopia provides equine professionals who believe in welfare centric horsemanship, a one-stop-shop for research-based online courses and resources that you can trust.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn practical techniques about how to nurture the bond between you and your horse

Secure your spot today and ride with courage towards a stronger partnership

Maria Jeffers is a transformational coach who is passionate about supporting people to realize and achieve their goals whilst enjoying the process along the way.

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M. Duran, Spain

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“I have been a member for 2 years now and can’t express my gratitude enough to the team at Equitopia and all the guests who speak and conduct webinars and courses. The information provided by Equitopia is researched, clearly presented and aimed at empowering horse people with information that benefits the horse. Personally I have found this information invaluable as an owner and certified bodyworker. Thank you!”

Mykel OConnor Australia

“I recently became a Gold member, and I still can’t believe the wealth of information I now have at my disposal regarding all aspects of horse care, management, and riding. The monthly webinars and live courses are world-class and I feel so privileged to be able to take part.”

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“I have been involved in the horse industry all my life and I always felt there was something missing. Well, now I have found it! What a fantastic resource and it has helped me to become a better horse owner and trainer placing welfare and understanding of the equine emotions at the top of the list.”

M. Neason, UK