Qualities and Characteristics of a Skilled Rider


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Do you have the key attributes of a skilled rider?

What are they?

Are some people born with them and others not?

Can they be acquired through dedication and practice?

Through these presentations, you will learn how to “find your flow” and become your own best coach!

Presentation 1: 

Dr Gerd Heuschmann: The skilled rider – learnings and insights from a challenging trip through a rider´s life

Presentation 2:

Mary Wanless: How to build the identity and behavior of a skilled rider

Presentation 3:

Dr Sue Dyson: Perspectives on the qualities and characteristics of a skilled rider from both a rider´s and a veterinarians perspectives

Presentation 4:

Alexis Martin-Vegue: The theoretical  knowledge + physical techniques to become a skilled rider

What people say about these presentations:

– I really liked the incorporation of anatomy, saddle contribution and presentation of riding skills being a lifelong journey

– I liked how the type of movers were explained – understanding balance and suppleness of a horse depending on its working purpose. Showing how it looks on the horse from outside.

– I have been just a few years in the equestrian world (3-4 perhaps) and the questions kept piling up without having someone to explain things to me. “You are asking too many questions and thinking too much” was the comment I usually got which was not what someone trained in classical philosphy and logic wants to hear 😉
I imagine organizing all of the conference, the webinars, clinics, research and everything that goes into Equitopia is not an easy task, but these last two days you have proved once again that Equitopia is the voice of reason in this industry, and horsemanship is based on the respect for the horse´s physical and mental nature and capabilities and that our relationship with them can be based in harmony, beauty and the desire to do what it good and just.
Thank you again for your work…It has helped me love and understand my horses in a more complete way 🙂

– I really appreciated the wealth of knowledge conveyed in a way that is easy to understand

– I liked everything!

– I really appreciated how the presenters shared some techniques to incorporate into your riding skill as part of the presentations. I liked the bringing responsibility back to the rider and personal awareness and also discussion on fascia lines!

– Loved it head to toe!

– Was fun to have done some practical movements during the presentation.

– Excellent and very thorough. Relatable to everyday riding problems with solutions.