Webinar: The Rider Biomechanics Toolkit


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Presented by Mary Wanless

Internationally renowned coach and author, Mary Wanless talks about a revolutionary approach to improving your riding through an understanding of how to apply ‘the 3 toolkits’.
Mary’s pupils include international Grand Prix dressage riders, along with competitors at all levels, and many ‘average’ riders.
Regardless of your level – you are sure to learn something new from this webinar that will take you to the next level in your riding.

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Here’s a sample of what people said about this webinar:

  • The introduction was very interesting. never heard before about those theories – quite helping understanding how brains work. even this was not the reason why I booked the webinar, this was my highlight of the “show”. thank you!
  • I was only able to listen to first 15 and Q & A. But hoping to refresh on playback. I already work with Marys ‘stuff’ but very good to refresh and she is such a good clear speaker. She labels learning well.
  • The photographs used for illustration were very helpful.
  • Absolutely brilliant
  • It was wonderful. I have read a lot of her books. It was nice to hear her speak.
  • Thank you so much for your webinar, I look forward to working with my horses tomorrow and to increasing my focus.
  • Clear, creative and useful
  • This experience has been and continues to be invaluable. I’m so thankful that there are organizations like yours that are out there to help us be the best we can be with our horses. Thank you
  • Huge clarity! made me understand so many missed links.
  • Super event. Helpful and well presented. So lucky to have someone of Mary’s calibre doing webinar for us Thanks so much
  • Articulate speakers are always a plus. Top marks for Mary.