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The membership – $4.95/m or $49.50/y – goes to supporting Equitopia’s mission to:
“Develop a set of guiding principles rooted in research and evidence that empower horse riders, owners and equine professionals to meet their goals without compromising the health and welfare of their equine partners.”



Just some of the advantages of being an Equitopia Club Member:

10% Discount On All Online Courses

Yes, you read it right! Each month you could save us much as ten times the money you have spent for the membership! We offer a 10% discount on all our courses to members only. At Equitopia, we believe that as responsible equestrians, we can always learn something new that will benefit ourselves and our equine partners. Our courses consist of high-quality videos; are presented by world-class industry professionals, and are designed following best-practice pedagogical approaches.

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Exclusive Members-Only Videos

Complete members-only video series with tips from leading experts on how to be a better equestrian in relation to:

Equine Behavior | Behind the Scenes at Equitopia | Building Equitopia | Equine Hoofcare | Equine Rehabilitation | Health and Wellness | Equine Nutrition | Rider Balance and Posture | Tips from our Experts |

Exclusive Members-Only Free Online Courses

The easiest way to save hundreds of dollars a year, while enjoying some of our best courses for free. Each month, we select some amazing courses and make them available for free to our members.

Free Members-only Webinars

Equitopia members enjoy multiple free learning opportunities throughout the year. We hold monthly webinars on topics proposed by our members through our ‘ask us anything’ forum. We invite some of the most known experts in the industry, and you will have the chance to ask them your own questions.

Monthly Premium Newsletter

Equitopia monthly newsletter offers members of its program access to The Newsworthy Monthly: Save hours of research, looking for the latest news or videos. You will have all the latest news and trends offered in your inbox. Also, with exclusive discounts to products and courses, and much more.

‘From the Horse’s Mouth’ – Exclusive Powerful Stories from Renowned Equestrians

One of the best podcasts in the industry, all the news, interviews and insights from equine professionals from around the world, created especially for you. You will not find this podcast listed anywhere else on the internet.

Training your Horse for Topline Development

Easy-to-read Summaries Of Equine Research Papers To Keep You At The Cutting Edge

Every month, you receive the most up to date summary of equine research papers. Keep yourself up to date and bridge the latest research with practice.

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