Webinar: Can Training Be a Medical Treatment?


Recording of presentation and Q&A from July 2021

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Dr Hellstrom’s veterinary background coupled with her compassion and dedication to exploring how we can preserve the mental and physical well being of our equine partners is inspiring!

The body adapts to surrounding circumstances. If you change the circumstances, you can change the body.

This presentation will give you a glimpse of all the possibilities that your horse’s body holds. Learn about your own capacity to help your horse towards a stronger and healthier body and mind.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– I loved this webinar! Annelie has a very clear presentation style – really enjoyed it.

– Nice clear presentation. I found the Q&A afterwards really helpful.

– This presentation has given me lots to think about – thanks Annelie!

– I love ALL Equitopia webinars – keep them up!!

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