Webinar: Essential Information about Bit and Bridle Fitting


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Finally, our chance to get the information you need about bits and bridles!

Good equipment is extremely important when we consider our horse’s health and ability to stay sound.

Correct bit and bridle fitting is a key component in helping our horses work in comfort and in harmony with us.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– I enjoyed the presentation and found the Q&A session informative and was happy to have my own questions answered!

– Excellent. I can’t find a bridle fitter in CA. DVMs I’ve worked with, who examine the mouth, can’t recommend a good bridle fit. Overlooked topic.

– As usual, the Equitopia webinar has been a very informative and reformative experience. Both my horse and I thank you!

– This was excellent. I like that she provided updated information as well as the history of the tack.

– I thought it was fantastic I don’t ride with a nose band but will definitely be having a bridal fitter out. It was very interesting to find out that lots of things come historically from the military.

– Excellent presenter and information.

– Excellent, deep knowledge based on years of experience, study/learning and practical application (with lots of observation). It explained all the pertinent points that a rider needs to know in a balanced and reasoned way. Very good use of photos to illustrate all the points made (I would love a photo of a good fitting bridle with NO noseband :)). All riders should have a look at this webinar before they next get on a horse. thank you to Sue Paine for this.

– Fun and informative! I could listen to Sue talk all day.

– Sue Paine is awesome. It’s clear that her expertise has humane ethics about how to set up bridles and bits to create a fair dialogue between horses and humans. I wish she had a greater reach into the competitive industry for inspiring better tack choices by trainers and riders. The information is instantly applicable and my notes will accompany me to the stable this afternoon. I greatly appreciated this presentation, thanks.