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Do you long for a master resource that can help you create and maintain the big picture of a healthy horse and rider partnership?

Keeping track of the physical, mental and emotional components of a successful training program is an enormous task and not one to be committed just to memory!


We have created a master resource to help you add the specific pieces of the puzzle that make up the whole happy-horse-happy-rider picture.

1. How to Achieve a High Performing Horse and Rider Partnership

Join US Based Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Judge and Lifelong learner, Alexis MV, as she guides you brilliantly through some of the key essential aspects of a successful training program.

From equine biomechanics, rider biomechanics and lungeing to Saddle fit, Hoof Balance and Nutrition, over 10+ hours of videos, Alexis summarizes the many considerations that we present as individual topics on the Equitopia Platform.

At the end of this course, you will qualify for 3 credits from the United States Dressage Foundation (USDF) for licensed officials (Judges, Technical Delegates, Certified Instructors) as part of the USDF University online program required to keep your license.

This bundle is the consummate collection for owners and equine professionals seeking clarity on both the individual and overall elements of being a compassionate equestrian!

2. Emotional Intelligence Skills for Horse People

Then, we move to Finland and the brilliant Nationally acclaimed three person team of Katariina Alongi, Laura Mannila, and Anna Kilpeläinen.

This trio work together to provide a comprehensive overview on the emotional components of a horse and rider partnership that will potentially revolutionize the way in which you interact with your horse, and other people.
Through 10+ hours of video, this course will give you the tools you need to navigate the inevitable emotional highs and lows of life with both you and  your horse and the underlying factors affecting both!

Lifetime Access to a resource you can Trust

3. Essential Protocols for Healthy Horse and Rider by Jec Ballou

Finally, the fantastic Jec Ballou will help with finding balance in both horse life and personal life, through setting expectations that will bring joy to you and empower your horse appropriately.

Jec is an accomplished author, coach and trainer with International recognition for her writing and teaching.
Over 5 well thought out modules, let Jec guide you through the foundation on which you can build expectations that work for you based on the time you have, the skills you have, the budget you have and all other areas of life that can contribute to your joy in time spent with your horse.

What People Say about Equitopia

“Equitopia has been both a source of trusted information and inspiration to me on my journey with horses” J. McPeters, USA

“Today it is easy to get overwhelmed by so many conflicting theories in the equestrian world. But here, in Equitopia, knowledge is not only power, but also an act of love and kindness towards the horse.” M. Poljak, Croatia

“Equitopia presents a lot of valuable and MUCH needed information at one’s fingertips. My time is very limited, so having access 24/7 is essential and the cost is minimal and well worth it.” M.L Thatcher, USA

Equitopia courses are absolutely fantastic!!!! H. Holdom, Australia

“I love the videos because they have credible and resourceful professionals who seem to know what I need to know when I need it! ” I. Marx, South Africa

“Equitopia is not a game changer – it’s a life changer!! If you love your horse then you should join this adventure of creating and maintaining happy, healthy athletes. Thank you Equitopia! Equitopia forever! B. Kusak, Poland

“I have been involved in the horse industry all my life and I always felt there was something missing. Well, now I have found it! What a fantastic resource and it has helped me to become a better horse owner and trainer placing welfare and understanding of the equine emotions at the top of the list.” M. Neason, UK

I love all the different training that’s available with the most up to date information, I recommend to all my clients! B. Upton Derbyshire


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