Georgie Welge is first and foremost a horse lover. On top of that, she is one of the most highly qualified saddle fitters in the world. She was the first to have achieved three certifications from three different countries and has quite literally travelled the globe to soak up all available knowledge on the subject.

“Saddle fitting is a little like driving; you learn the skills when you are qualifying and then hone your skill set with experience over the years.”

Georgie has been a saddle fitter for 14 years and has learnt from many different schools of thought, which gives her a broad base of knowledge.

“All horses are individuals. One thing I learnt very quickly is that what may work for one horse, won’t necessarily work for another. It’s all about figuring out what will work for the horse in front of me.”

Using her wide skill set, she is able to help most horses in most situations. She has not been beaten yet.

Georgie Is the founder and director of the Master Saddle Fitters International – an organisation that travels the globe providing education on saddle fit. She works closely with many vets and trainers, biomechanics experts, body workers, rider biomechanics specialists, dentists, farriers and many other professionals, to develop and deepen her knowledge. She advises on two professional boards that oversee qualifications teaching new and developing saddle fitters.

Her work with Equitopia is truly rewarding for her. Equitopia is a USA based organisation which also collaborates with professionals all over the globe. As their chief saddle fit advisor, she has been on the scenes for many of their videos helping to oversee the saddle fit portion, enabling her to work with some high calibre experts.

A true horse lover Georgie rides daily and has spent the last 15 years re-homing and re-schooling troubled and abandoned horses. She has a vast knowledge of rehabbing aggressive and insecure cases and is keen to help as many horses as she can.

During her search for knowledge, Georgie has achieved certificates in many different practices. She has intensely studied learning theory from a social and biological perspective, studied nutrition with the Oxford University in the UK, behaviour with the Cambridge University, bodywork, fascia release, gait analysis, hoof care and trimming, rider training and of course training the horse on the ground and under saddle. She has studied classical methods for many years learning to understand the fact that when we ride our horses it must be for their benefit.

Georgie has a natural passion for educating and sharing knowledge and she will help advise you on all areas of equine welfare, helping you to find that “missing piece”. Proper care for horses is, after all, one big puzzle. In addition to this, she is in constant search for more knowledge and is continuously learning more and more.

“There is not one horse I visit that I don’t learn from as much as I do on all of the CPD and events I attend annually.”

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