Equine Biomechanics: Head and Neck Position with Gerd Heuschmann



In this 8-part video course, world-renowned Trainer, Author and Veterinaria – Gerd Heuschmann introduces equine biomechanics of the head and neck position in relation to achieving a good working balance.

You are welcome to watch this short introduction to the course

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Discuss how different head and neck positions can influence your horse
• Describe the characteristics of self carriage
• Explain the difference between bending from the neck and trunk bends.
• Discuss the physiological, mental and behavioural consequences of riding in tension.
• Discuss the discomfort of a horse ridden in tension
• Identify a downward stretch
• Explain correct head and neck positions when starting a young horse and re-training an older horse