Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse




In this course: ‘Compassionate Training For Today’s Sport Horse’,  Dr. Karin Leibbrandt of 4dimension dressage at Equicare Plus in Holland clearly explains the science behind proper training, and guides you towards a regime that will give you the results you want.

This course consists of 37 video lessons  – presented over 10 topics. 

Whether you are an equine professional or amateur, this course will set you firmly on a path to more effective and compassionate equestrianism.

No previous experience in online learning is needed to take this course consisting of 10 topics with 37 professionally shot videos and easy-to-complete quizzes so that you can test what you know.


Below, is a list of what you should be able to do after completing each topic:

Topic 1:

  • Recognize a balanced horse
  • Identify the signs of a straight horse
  • Discuss how to train a horse forward, downward and out
  • Discuss the consequences of low, deep and round training
  • Discuss the importance of a training schedule

Topic 2:

  • Discuss natural crookedness of the horse
  • Explain why a horse is naturally crooked
  • Discuss imbalance of today’s modern sport horse
  • Discuss why natural crookedness is a problem for the ridden horse

Topic 3:

  • Discuss coordination of the vertical plane
  • Discuss coordination in the horizontal plane
  • Discuss coordination in the lateral planes
  • Discuss coordination in the diagonal plane

Topic 4:

  • Explain the “L.C.R.S” Diagnostic system
  • Discuss how to recognize imbalance using the L.C.R.S. Diagnostic System
  • Discuss coordination in the diagonal plane

Topic 5:

  • Discuss a horse’s posture and body language
  • Discuss finding balance in the core

Topic 6:

  • Discuss balance problems under saddle
  • Identify a left bent/right bent horse
  • Discuss the quality of contact between horse and rider
  • Discuss balance problems in the horse’s body

Topic 7:

  • Discuss what to consider before you start training
  • Explain exercises to improve the balance of the horse

Topic 8:

  • Discuss using zig zag techniques to improve vertical balance
  • Explain some difficulties in using zig zag techniques
  • Discuss the benefits of zig zag techniques in improving vertical balance

Topic 9:

  • Explain the difference between the loose rein and the hard rein
  • Identify mistakes related to connecting the loose rein
  • Discuss connecting the loose rein going to the right and to the left

Topic 10:

  • Explain how to release the hard rein going to the left
  • Discuss common problems riders have when releasing the rein to the left and to the right
  • Identify correct and incorrect release of the rein

The best investment you can make for yourself and your horse!’