The COMPLETE Equitopia Collection


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How to Recognize the 24 Behaviors indicating Pain in the Ridden Horse

Learn how to recognize the 24 distinct behaviors that occur at least 10 times more frequently in horses that are lame.

Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse

This course consisting of 37 video lessons  – presented over 10 topics, gives you the key to horse friendly training AND good performance.

The Basics of Classical Riding with Dr Gerd Heuschmann

Embark on an amazing journey to explore and understand the basics of classical riding and the components of true self carriage.

Equine Biomechanics: Head and Neck Position

Dr Gerd Heuschmann introduces equine biomechanics of the head and neck position in relation to achieving a good working balance.

Learning is great for you and your horse!

How to Achieve a High Performing Horse and Rider Partnership

This course gives you the ultimate online roadmap to developing your relationship and optimizing performance for both you and your horse.

Essential Protocols for Healthy Horse and Rider by Jec Ballou

This course is an amazing resource for the adult amateur! Jec Ballou is a down to earth teacher, and she explains the content in a clear and interesting manner. 

Getting Ahead in Your Horsemanship with Helen O’ Hanlon

Helen O’ Hanlon explains how to train your mind and to reframe thoughts and experiences that may be blocking you from achieving your full potential.

The Essential Guide To Saddle Fitting with MSFI

Investing in a proper saddle could be the key to enjoying your horse for many more years and avoiding a future of massive and endless vet bills for a horse you can’t ride.

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Basic Equine Bodywork for Horse Owners

Learn how each part of the horse’s body functions from a biomechanical point of view and learn some simple, effective bodywork techniques you can safely practice on your horse.

Hoof Care for the Barefoot Horse

If you are wondering whether going barefoot is an option for your horse – this course will help you decide. No prior experience of online learning is needed to take this course.

Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Learn about the use of ultrasound to diagnose and treat ligaments. The course also addresses why injuries occur and how the treatment and recovery process can be best managed. 

Chiropractic Care for horse owners

In this course, Dr. Joanna Robson dispels some common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care and explains how to incorporate this modality to your horse’s care plan.

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Anatomy of the Equine Hoof

You’ll never look at your horse’s hoof in the same way, and you’ll  understand why it’s important to look after your horse’s feet!

Horse and Rider Asymmetry

horse and rider asymmetry online course EQUITOPIA

Asymmetry plays a huge role in how we train, treat and look at horses, so it is important to know just how much it can impact what you do with your horse.

Fear and Safety for Horse and Rider

This course is packed with essential information presented in a way which is accessible for everyone who rides or spends time with horses.

Through these presentations, you will learn how to “find your flow” and become your own best coach!

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Introduction to Behavior for Horse Owners – Train with Trust

In this course, you will learn what behavior is and why horses develop different behaviors; why behaviors change, specifically through learning and training.

Problems and Solutions for the Most Common Training Issues

This is your opportunity to learn from someone who has devoted their whole life to studying and learning about the correct biomechanical approach to training horses and riders.

Groundwork – Basic Strength Training for Horses

Here is a set of very powerful groundwork exercises that will help your horse achieve better core strength, balance and performance.