‘If only I had known’

– not the words to live by.

When a horse is viewed without value, when a behavior issue or injury trumps the horse’s greater welfare, far too often such a horse is sent down the pipeline toward slaughter. Rescue may save an individual horse from the trip to Mexico or Canada, but more will come and more will come…

 …Until we change the need for rescue and divert horses from the road to slaughter at the source – the people entrusted with these creatures’ lives.

At Equitopia, we envision a world where horses live in harmony with humans based on a deep understanding and regard for the horse’s true nature. To see that vision through, our mission is to empower horse owners, breeders, riders with the tools to discover that compassionate, harmonious relationship and become the best stewards of their horses.

As a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit education center, we strive to become the horse industry’s gateway to cutting edge and time-honored knowledge of equine care, training, wellness and welfare. We are the source for a wealth of sound, evidence-based resources, teachings and training that consider all aspects in the evolution towards compassionate horsemanship.

Our approach is whole horse / whole rider horsemanship

Our approach is whole horse / whole rider horsemanship as we serve horses, riders, owners and breeders with online, print and in-person access to a respected team of educators.

  • We are education videos that empower today’s horsemen and women.
  • We are TV programming demonstrating the power of knowledge in eradicating the need for rescue.
  • We are clinics with knowledge-based experts showing the way to horses and humans in harmony.
  • We are well-research articles in national and international publications.

Today we invite you to invest in our transformative and ambitious future. We ask you to collaborate with us in answering the call from the horse community for the knowledge, support and systematic guidance needed for our horses to be the best they can be and live the lives they deserve.



Zoey, about a month after she arrived.


Zoey, nine months later.

She did not have to. This beautiful horse did the splits with her hind legs and could not perform any more. Her owner put her on rich green grass day and night, without a gradual introduction. Her coffin bone rotated. She abcessed in both front feet. When the grass no longer had any nutritional value (though it was still long and thick) Zoey dropped over 120 pounds underweight.

This did not have to happen.

Partner with us, with our expertise and experience, and we will make change. The education we can provide will transform the unending story of rescue.  And one day, horse people will never think, ‘If only I had known.’

We hope you will donate what you can afford because this is the time, and we are the place.