Before You Buy A Horse – Important Considerations – Part One

Before You Buy A Horse - Important Considerations - Part One



Motivation for Buying a Horse

Rider Experience

Rider Budget

Rider Education

Rider Resources

Evaluating the Right Horse for You

Vet Check and Other Pre-pruchase Examination Options

Finding Your Professionals

Rider/Owner Expectations

Rider/Owner Responsibilty


Motivation is a powerful influence when considering buying a horse.  It is particularly important to examine that motivation when considering the involvement of a living, breathing animal that experiences fear, pain, confusion and other emotions (Science of Behaviour)

From our standpoint and experience, the motivation of a fundamental love of horses should be the primary motivation for wanting to own a horse or multiple horses.   We have found that without this underlying motivation, the desire to seek appropriate educational support that works for both horse and rider can be compromised, which in turn can lead to frustration, a lack of gymnastically appropriate regimens and the ability to set realistic expectations.

Understanding the horse’s nature and needs are the first step in having a successful partnership with your equine athlete.

Getting educated on the aspects and responsibilities of horse ownership before moving ahead to looking at horses for sale or purchasing can be very enlightening and helpful in creating a plan for caring for you and your horse.

It is also important to remember that horses can live long lives and that each time a horse changes hands, the chance of that horse ending up in a bad situation or going to slaughter increases exponentially.

It is also important to remember that, even if you do everything right, horses can injure themselves in a variety of ways with a variety of outcomes, some of which may be career ending in terms of higher level competitive expectations.

Before You Buy A Horse - Important Considerations - Part One
Before You Buy A Horse - Important Considerations - Part One

You should know and be prepared in advance for the kind of commitment you are willing to make to the horse you purchase.  Is winning more important than the well being of the horse?  Can you re-home the horse to a good situation where they will be taken care of for life if you want to pursue competitive goals with a new horse? Or can you manage and adapt your expectations in the face of changing circumstances etc.

We encourage people to pause and give some in depth thought to their motivation in purchasing.  After all, there are a variety of other options that allow for competitive success without involving an animal and all the required education that goes along with understanding, training and competing without compromising the welfare of a horse.

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