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As an education partner of the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), Equitopia is delighted to offer CHA members a FREE course on western saddle fit - presented over 9 video lessons by Rod and Denise Nikkel of Western Saddle Fit

FREE for all Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) members

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In this mini course, Rod and Denise Nikkel from Western Saddle Fit, break down the different components that need to be understood in order to assess whether a saddle is a good fit for your horse or not.

The 9 lessons in this course will be released over a three-day period. Parts 1 – 4 will be available immediately when you sign up; Parts 5 – 7 will be available one day later; and the final 2 parts will be available for you to view after 2 days.


Join through the registration button below to enjoy 9 bite-sized lessons on western saddle fit:

– 1:  Introduction

Meet your instructors and get started on the basics of western saddle fit. (Time: 6:19mins)

– 2: The Purpose of the Tree

Learn the various parts of the tree and how to determine the adequate total surface area of a tree that will fit  your horse

(Time: 5:05mins)

– 3: Bar Spread and Bar Angle

Do you know how far the bars of the tree should be apart – or how to tell if your bar angle is too wide or too narrow? It matters!

(Time: 7:40mins)

– 4: Rock

Do you know what rock is?  Why is it important? How much rock do you need in the bar?

(Time: 8:51 mins)

– 5: Clearance and Twist

Save yourself the pain of major damage to your horse by getting this right.

(Time: 8:32 mins)

– 6: Crown and Edges

Rod and Denise explain why it is so important to understand how these work.

(Time: 7:52)

– 7: Saddles and Skirts

Do you know all the parts built into your saddle that affect the fit for your horse? What about the skirt? This is what’s covered in part 7.

(Time: 7:41)

– 8: Rigging

Apart from knowing that the rigging is what keeps the saddle on the horse – what else do you need to know about rigging to ensure correct saddle fit?

(Time: 6:00)

– 9: The Seat

What makes a good seat? And why is this important for both horse and rider? This is the subject of this final video in this course.

(Time: 10:34)

See you inside!

We are proud to partner with Equitopia  who embrace the  goals we stand for:

To promote excellence in horsemanship safety and education for the entire horse industry.

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Equitopia provides evidence and research based whole horse, whole rider education.

“Our videos, articles, webinars and podcasts will show you how you can achieve optimal performance results for you and your horse, using a compassionate approach to horsemanship.”

Caroline Hegarty, CEO – Equitopia

What People Say About Equitopia

A. Thomas, South Africa

Equitopia provides thorough and trustworthy education in an easy to follow and interesting presenting style. I’m really grateful for the resources at hand  – all online and without the restriction of distance! 🙂

S. Badillo, USA

I like being part of a community and excited for the opportunities Equitopia brings.

J.Davy, Australia

I like evidence-based articles. I love the option of being able to take a short course online and at my own pace!

M. Neason, UK

I have been involved in the horse industry all my life and I always felt there was something missing. Well, now I have found it! What a fantastic resource and it has helped me to become a better horse owner and trainer placing welfare and understanding of the equine emotions at the top of the list.

C. Hollywood, N. Ireland

Equitopia provides an intuitive learning portal that really targets  key knowledge areas for equestrians and uses reputable, industry leading figures who ensure the information is both interesting and reliable.

E. Whalin, USA

I love the flexibility of being able to learn something specific very quickly or to totally immerse myself in a topic for hours.