Before You Buy A Horse, Important Considerations – Part Four

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As an owner, you are at the center of everything that involves your horse.  You make the decisions that impact the well being of your horse, so it is essential that you are well informed.  This entails a lot of research and education to make sure that you are empowered as the custodian of your equine partner.


Once you have established that you have the motivation, sufficient understanding of the budget, educational background and commitment required in being a responsible equestrian, evaluating the right horse for you will depend on how you categorize yourself in terms of experience and ability, coupled with the goals you have set for yourself.

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It will also depend on whether you are able to evaluate that horse by yourself (in terms of suitability for the goals you have set, personality match, biomechanically accurate training, appropriate for your weight and height, appropriate maturity etc.) OR if you are relying on an industry professional to help you.

If riding is a hobby as opposed to a professional career, it is worth considering that, with the increasing popularity of hyper mobile, energetic horses, that riding them correctly and consistently after a day’s work when you are tired, might not be so much fun!!

While the attraction to a flashy, fancy moving horse can be a temptation, there is a lot to be appreciated in a steady, reliable, level-minded horse that you can enjoy.

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