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We examine various schools of thought on the care, welfare and training of horses, share our findings through free online videos and additional non-public videos via our membership option.  

Members receive a monthly updates newsletter, private educational videos, behind the scenes footage (and bloopers) from our video shoots, educational and entertainment iphone footage from some of the day to day goings on of our horses and professionals, discounts for our courses and live events and a chance of a live consult/lesson with one of our professionals.

Collaborate with Experts

We collaborate with global industry experts to develop free Videos to present the results of our investigative efforts to owners and trainers, whether they are aiming for international competition or recreational trail riding. 

Online Education

We are developing Educational Courses which focus on saddlefit, foot care, nutrition, biomechanics of both horse and rider, behavior and more.

Online Shop

We are gradually adding products to our Online Shop to offer a range of unique gifts for horse lovers.



Make sure to keep up on all the latest clinics, workshops, and lectures at Equitopia. We look forward to seeing you!