Charmaine-marie Cacciola

Horse Owner, Trainer, Western Australia

How long have you been a member of Equitopia?

4 Years

Why did you join Equitopia?

I joined Equitopia to learn and educate myself in the correct training of the horses body, as well as the rider. To develop my personal training and be the best I can be for my horses.

Equitopia offeres me so much guidance, theoretical and practical learning. There is an abundance of knowledge, experience and skills to be learnt from the many trainers, scientists and PHDs in the elite Equestrian World.

What do you enjoy most about Equitopia?

I love that I can find anything I need to learn. I love how interactive the courses are and I love learning from elite professionals in the development of horse and rider.

What do you love most about horsemanship?

Everything! Horses offer so much to learn from, not just as horse person, but for every day life.

How do you define success in horsemanship?

Success is learning, leadership and understanding commitment. There is no black and white in Horsemanship, it’s just you and the horse. So if a dialogue is strong, the knowledge is there, then I can teach my horse and experience higher levels of being with my horses.

Who inspires you – and why?

My horses are my greatest inspiration, so I look for people trainers who have these qualities and show that they are a presence with the horse and can show the deeper levels of Equestrianism. To name a few people who inspire me, would be Nuno Oliveira, Anja Brean, Marijke de Jong, Clemance Faviore, Buck Brannaman

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose?

Ohhh, A hard question, I honestly would love to train under Buck Brannaman and Anja Beran living trainers. Passed Trainer would be Nuno Olivera, I would love to feel his presence with his horses when training.

What’s one thing – either horse-related or not – you learned in the last month?

I learnt a life changing experience. I was training liberty, no bridle, no saddle with big Holstiener Capri, we decided to lay down and I mount and then ride around our paddock. But it had been raining heavily the weeks before and the solid underneath the grass was slippery. So when Capri got up, he lost his footing and I slipped off from the trajectory and landed on my back. At that moment my horse trotted a few paces away and the came running back to me with his head lowered, ears pricked a very soft wide eyed and vocalising alot to me.

When he reached me he put his nose straight on my stomach and nudged me and nickered deeply, then he put his nose all over my face smelling me and still nickering. I put my arms around his face and told him I was ok and it’s not his fault. I got up and Capri was standing so close, so I could hold my self up, as I was a little winded.

As I was feeling my horses emotions and so much energy, I knew my horse was genuinely worried and showed me how empathic and how much love he has for me. It was instant joyful soft tears as we continued our training that day. I knew my horses cared for me, but I’d never experienced their love on such a high cognitive level, it somehow fulfilled parts of me that I never knew where there.

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know?

Um, there is so many 😊 I’d probably have to say, that I love helping people who need guidance and support, I have so much life experiences, that I can offer people my experiences and how I dealt with different situations. I have an old soul, so people tend to feel safe and trust me, so people are drawn to me in many different ways. I also love my meditation and yoga, it’s a part of my daily life ✨️

What’s your favorite book?

I read many books, I have a great collection of horse books, but my favourite is Nuno Oliveira Young horses and Trainers – a rare book. I have a large collection of Rare Nuno Oliveira books, as I am a collector of his works.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Lasagne, green salad and tomato salad – Sicilian style, as this is my heritage.

If you were told you could say 1 thing that the entire horse world would act on, what would that be?

I would say that, the horse has a voice, they have a heart and they have rights! The competition Equestrian world need to change how horses are being ridden and trained harshly, all for the sake of a ribbon or medal. If the rider cannot train the horse correctly for their natural development, then they should not be allowed to compete. There is to much incorrect riding in the competitions from beginners to Olympic Medalists, it needs to change for the sake of horses and our younger generations to come!