Training Methodology – 11 Nov ’21

Class Overview:

Every system of learning has a methodology. What one are you using with your horse? Does each of the training techniques or tools you implement fit within that system? Do you know which methodologies are options for you and your horse?

Join us to explore this topic in depth with Alexis Martin-Vegue – ethical dressage trainer with classical ethos. Alexis specializes in horse and rider biomechanics and is a USDF Gold Medalist.

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Recording from LIVE Class held on 11th November 2021


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At the end of this class you should be able to:

-Discuss the most common types of training and identify which approach you are using with your horse
-Evaluate the efficacy and cohesion of your training methodology
-Modify elements of your training for a more horse friendly and systematic methodology
-Explain how a methodology is different than a riding discipline

Journal Resource

For the next week, take time to reflect on the presentation and make notes in the course journal which you may download here: EQUI Liveschool Journal


Download and complete the worksheet mentioned in this lesson here: Training Methodology Worksheet

Additional Resources

Further Study Resources: Training_Methodology_further_study_resources

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