Essential Information About PSSM2

In this webinar Christine Mahon from PSSM & MFM awareness will be explaining all things PSSM2 including: 

  • What exactly PSSM2 involves

  • The difference between PSSM1 & PSSM2 

  • The different variants of PSSM2 and how they affect a horse

  • The PSSM2 test VS muscle biopsy 

  • Symptoms of PSSM2 

  • Progression of PSSM2 

  • Managing the PSSM2 horse 

About Christine Mahon – Founder & Admin Of PSSM & MFM Awareness


Christine is a 28-year old ex breeder, and dressage rider, who has owned and ridden horses her whole life.  As of 2022, she currently owns 1 horse – an American Paint Horse named Tex who is affected with both PSSM1 & PSSM2 (MFM).

 Christine’s journey with PSSM & MFM started in 2019 when her homebred warmblood Karlo began presenting with mystery lameness just 2 weeks into the backing process.  After extensive veterinary investigation vets were stumped as to what was wrong with him. Karlo went on to be diagnosed with PSSM2, and in exactly the same year after a spate of poor performances Christine’s competition horse Tex was also diagnosed with PSSM2 along with PSSM1.


When her horses were diagnosed there was very little in the way or help or support, so in December 2019 she set up PSSM & MFM awareness – a group dedicated to spreading awareness on PSSM1 & PSSM2 (MFM) in equines, and a place to provide owners with the most up to date information, help, and support that was needed.


In June 2020 Christine lost her 2 homebred horses to PSSM2 (MFM) her 5-year-old Karlo, and his 11-year-old sister Duffy both just months apart from each other. They unfortunately did not respond to PSSM2 management. Her surviving horse Tex who did respond to PSSM2 management had to be retired from all competition due to the rapid progression of his disease.


With the loss of her 2 homebreds and with Tex’s retirement it has made Christine determined to spread awareness on both PSSM1 & PSSM2 throughout the world to help prevent owners and horses suffering at the hands of these two cruel diseases.


Topic: Webinar: Essential Information About PSSM2
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