Webinar: Further Studies and Inferences from 24 Behaviors Research Study


Recording of presentation and Q&A from January 2021


Catch up on the latest research into the application of a Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram!

World-renowned veterinarian and researcher, Dr Sue Dyson discusses how knowledge of the ridden horse pain ethogram can help improve performance.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

  • It was very clear and concise which made it easy to follow
  • This was an Excellent presentation. So informative and concise.
  • Excellent thank you for facilitating
  • Thank you to Dr Dyson this was fascinating.
  • Very much enjoyed learning from current research and data – enjoyed the fact that someone is saying about naughty horses and “that’s how they have always been” is actually about looking for the issue/ pain which is something I have very much always believed but there are a lot of minds out there to change!
  • To be able to receive this much information from such a reliable and experienced vet, is a real privilege and this subject needs to become more mainstream. The fight for the horse should be the norm.
  • Having proper statistics backing up observations made this a professional webinar worth a second (or more) watch. Thank you
  • The horses behavior should be taking more seriously of the industry. Thinking of all, trainers, owners, all that work professionally with horses. It is so common and easy to ignore what the problems can be because the horse do not show obviously lameness. Or other preconceptions that gets in the way for proper evaluation of the horse. This is is for everyone that wants to be professional in their approach to horses behavioral problems.
  • Very Interesting to listen to what Dr Sue Dyson had to say, very knowledgeable lady, enjoyed the Q&A.
  • Please relay to Dr. Dyson that when she acknowledged my question of how we cope with the pressure of others that we’re just making excuses for a horse in pain….that my eyes welled up with her saying we have a moral obligation to our horses. Her words give me strength to go on being there for my horse. And thank you for all your good work educating us with all the topics. Your work is profound.
  • Very beneficial, a great insight, many thanks

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