Webinar: Low-Stress Routine Health Care for your Horse


This webinar took place in May 2021. Only the recording is available for purchase.



Webinar: Low-Stress Routine Health Care for your Horse

Presented by Dr Sue Mc Donnell, MS, PhD

Join Dr Sue McDonnell – Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), Animal Behavior Society; Adjunct Professor of Reproductive Behavior, New Bolton Center; Clinical Associate, Widener Hospital, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; and Founding head of the Equine Behavior Program, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine – to view this recording of what was a truly inspiring session that will help you prepare your horse for routine health care procedures.

Dr McDonnell’s  presentation focused on application of science-based learning principles for gaining and maintaining your horse’s comfort with routine health care and mildly aversive veterinary procedures.

In addition to general principles, she outlines specific recommendations and demonstrates practical tips with video for each of several common health care procedures. Focus is on those procedures for which many horses have difficulty, including oral dewormer and other oral medications, eye meds, intravenous needle sticks, vaccination and other IM injections, and intranasal vaccination.
Learn what we are teaching today’s vet students about low-stress equine patient handling and care.
Dr. McDonnell’s research interests include several areas within equine physiology, behavior and welfare. She has also traveled to study equids throughout the world. In addition to laboratory and field studies, she maintains a semi-feral herd of ponies specifically for the study of their physiology and behavior under semi-natural conditions. This affords veterinary and animal behavior students the opportunity for long-term observation of equine social and developmental behavior and for first-hand comparison of horse behavior under free-running and traditional domestic conditions.

This webinar should be mandatory for every horse owner!


– I really enjoyed learning about the ophthalmic application. I am a human eye doctor and have suggested to my trainer that applying drops or ointments to the inner canthus is enough and that fighting to drop into the lower lid is counterproductive and unnecessary. It is nice to have this verification from the video

– Her videos were very good.

– The webinar was very good. I have learned few tricks how to in proper/better way apply medication. I see now that I can use basically the same technique as with my dog.

– Sue McDonnell has done and continues to do amazing work with horses! She’s also so generous with her time and knowledge. I always learn something new with her presentations; it’s as if she triggers my neurons.

– Clear and useful.

– So important topic!

– This was very helpful. Please have her back to share more techniques.

– Information was given in clear and practical language.

– Easy to understand, hands on tips, you can feel the love of horses.

– Always a pleasure to learn from an expert in this field!!

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