Webinar: Facts and Misconception about Western Saddle Fit


Recording of presentation and Q&A from September 2021

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Finally your chance to learn how western saddles really work on horses!

  • Dispel some of the common misconceptions about how western saddles work on horses;
  • Get accurate information on how trees and saddles are made and how they actually work in real life; and
  • Learn the basic information on how to check if a western saddle fits a horse.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– Nicely put together. Extremely informative, without being too much information in one sitting. Appreciated the references to actual research, as well as their YouTube videos and DVDs.

– Clear and concise info on western saddle fit. Thanks for sharing with knowledge. Much appreciated.

– This was an informative session on a subject that was completely new to me

– Nice clear presentation. The Q&A afterwards was helpful, my question was asked by someone else and that was easy.

– Western saddles are not very popular in the southern states of Australia so I learnt a LOT! Thanks

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