Webinar: Equine dentistry and the evolution and domestication of the horse – Part 1


Recording of presentation and Q&A from May 2021

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Essential information for every horse handler and owner

Dr Dixon gives an overview of the global state of equine dentistry and explains the function, role and care of equine teeth. The presentation addresses some common diseases and also give important tips on finding a qualified Equine Dentist.

Dr Padraic Dixon is a veterinary graduate of University College Dublin, Ireland, later obtaining a PhD in equine respiratory disorders at The University of Edinburgh, spent most of his professional life at the Dick Vet (Edinburgh University Veterinary Hospital), where he specialized in equine respiratory and dental disorders.

He became an internationally recognized expert in both these fields and through his work, Edinburgh University became recognized as one of the foremost international centers for clinical work and clinical research in equine dental and upper respiratory surgery.
Dr Dixon has co-authored or edited many standard international textbooks on equine respiratory and dental diseases and has over 200 clinical research publications and 3000 citations on these areas. He has tutored thousands of students inspiring many of them in their future careers, including us here at EDC. He has lectured and given practical workshops extensively around the world in these areas. His contribution to equine dentistry cannot be overemphasized.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– Any time you get an evolutionary overview of the horse, you know you are getting a great presentation.

– So interesting! Loved topic and delivery, very cool slides!

– Interested to learn more about why certain foods are better for horses digestion. Good management is vital. Great photography explained thinks that up until now I only had theory on. Thank you.

– I really loved the visuals and the lecturer offered great insights in a way that made me want to learn more not just about the teeth but also about the digestion. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised that this was only 1 hour long. Many webinars tend to last close to 2 hrs and it really has to be super interesting to make me stay till the end.

– Feel privileged to have heard Prof Padraic’s lecture.

– Better understanding of the equine dental structure and function after viewing this webinar. Very good photos

– Really interesting, loved all the evolution slides included and the dissection slides also added a concise visual element. Will be signing up for the next lecture. Thank you

– Fascinating talk, thank you. Learnt so much.

– Fascinating to learn about the evolution of the horse and what has influenced that – not something I have ever heard before. Also very interesting to hear about dental growth and wear and good dental treatment. The speaker paced the presentation very well and linked the evolutionary, dietary and dental aspects very well.

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