Webinar: Conformation vs Posture


Recording of presentation and Q&A from January 2021

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Finally, your chance to understand Conformation vs Posture

Often conformation and posture are confused, and undesirable training is excused based on the belief that the horse finds something difficult due to their conformation, when it is in fact their posture that should be addressed.

In this webinar, Yasmin Stuart helps you to identify common postural deficits and discusses training mechanisms which may help and training mechanisms which may hinder horse health.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

  • Excellent
  • This is directly applicable to what I want to be working on with my horses and I will be applying the knowledge right away! Thank you!
  • Yasmin was brilliant. Professional and informed, but kept the information concise and relevant.
  • I appreciate the level of knowledge you are able to convey in your lecture. This can be such a complicated and confusing subject which you were able to come across clearly. Thank You.
  • She did a great job. She spoke and articulated clearly, wasn’t overly wordy or had bad speech habits.
  • Really nice and clear, considered and concise. Loved that there weren’t loads of slides, but each one contained a lot of information.
  • Great content, easy to listen to and follow, relevant and clear illustrations
  • Good clear content
  • Very informative, great level of detail, practical solutions offered.
  • Super presentation, enjoyed it very much. Will be working on the stretches with my horse now and looking forward to seeing how we get on.
  • Very good and clear presentation. Just the right amount of slides, I prefer presenters that continue in the same clear manner, although the time is running out – well done, Yasmin. And I appreciate her clear, not to hasty and very distinct English – 1,5 h in foreign language is hard enough. Very well done!
  • Excellent presenter, really clear and the content was very good. Pleased that I’m already doing everything that Yasmin recommends for healthy posture.
  • Yasmin was excellent – clear. And a lovely person, which is always nice. As a bodyworker, I need more info like this to help me recognize postural issues and help owners rectify.
  • Very knowledgeable and informative, she explained things very well .

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