Webinar: Assessing your horse’s hoof


Recording of presentation and Q&A from April 2021

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Learn about the external reference points and how to recognize the ideal hoof

With UK-based farrier and founder of The Equine Documentalist  – Yogi Sharp

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– I appreciated all of Yogi’s peer reviewed references and am incredibly encouraged that he is popularizing this very important issue.

– Simply great and a must for all horse owners.

– Very informative, Made the hoof education more complete. Looking forward to his app.

– Lots of information, lots to take in. For me, not all that much new but VERY helpful with respect to assessing my own horse’s feet. Plenty of food for thought. I’m certainly looking forward to Yogi’s app when it’s released.

– I like that there is someone as powerful as Yogi at the moment so he can spread the good word about new approach and modern care of hooves. I liked it a lot. Thank you

– This webinar provides an excellent baseline reference for horse riders and horse owners when considering the welfare and pain-free health of horses.

– Keep it up! I LOVE that Equitopia is bringing science to the forefront–please don’t lose this very important piece of what you do.

– I do not do FB but will look for your website to get your app. etc. Also, to continue my education about the hoof and body for my horses sake. Thank you for all your information. Priceless.

– Thank you, Equitopia, for organising this webinar.