Webinar: A Straightforward Path to a Stronger Horse


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Horses are amazing athletes!! And, yet, why are so many physically compromised? 

In this practical presentation, horse trainer and author Jec Ballou explores the important question: “What are WE DOING that is causing this…? We have good TOOLS, but how are we implementing them?”

Through the session, you will:

    • Learn steps and exercises to help horses use their bodies more efficiently and powerfully; and
    • Understand the hierarchy of conditioning goals and critique commonly held beliefs about horse fitness.

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Sample of Feedback on this webinar:

– Loved the 4 different stages of fitness and it all comes back to relaxation first

– Great webinar!

– Great information, very helpful to me in my work with my own horse

– I’m so thrilled with the quality of the presenters and information given. I really appreciate having access to this level of knowledge. Jec is wonderful. I have audited her clinics before and own all her books but still learned a lot from this webinar. Thank you!

– Excellent topic! You often forget about posture. I am sure I will have questions watching a second time.

– I love this, it leaves me interested in learning more about this subject, I do have Jec Ballou books.

– Jec responded to my question with a quick and easy to do exercise suggestion for my horse. Thank you!

– What I’m finding in this level of webinar is I’m able to plug little holes and connect dots on all the information I’ve acquired over time in various forums. Learning is a constant, and these types of Equitopia offerings are perfect for me right now, having “graduated” from a number of foundational presentations over the years.

– Jec Ballou presented the information very clearly and concisely. This webinar struck a good balance between the science and pragmatic approach to strengthening and daily routines. I really appreciated the short video clips (case studies) to illustrate the concepts being presented. Thank you!

– It was wonderful to have Jec talking about the downside of repetitive motion, every discipline is guilty of this and it’s not beneficial to the horse. Please have her back for another webinar!

– I just started reading her book last week, getting a horse tuned up and this was perfect thank you.

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