Two Day Clinic with Amy Skinner Horsemanship


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Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Amy Skinner!

When :12th and 13th November 2022

Where: Equitopia Center 28102 Thornton Rd, Thornton, CA 95686

How much: $180/day per participant;                                     $35/day spectator

Come to this clinic if you want to achieve OPTIMAL performance through a kind, compassionate and holistic approach to horsemanship.

Amy embraces a training philosophy based in Classical Dressage and sound horsemanship practices.

She always tries to keep the best interest of horse and rider in mind, choosing to avoid fads and quick fixes, but to seek continual learning from the best teacher: the horse.

About Amy Skinner

Amy’s training program works for all breeds and disciplines and focuses on promoting softness, balance, and relaxation. She believes that any horse can improve given enough time and understanding, and that force and dominance play no part in building a strong relationship. 

Working with the horse’s mind develops confidence, and an understanding of biomechanics develops correct and sound movement.

Amy has spent the last several years offering lessons and clinics, with a focus on providing information in a way that best suits each student. She believes that good teaching mirrors good training: offering information in a way the student can understand, and without judgement or force.

Her philosophy of training through relaxation carries over to students working to gain better balance and feel with their horses. Amy believes that learning should be fun and not intimidating, and she provides a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for riders to improve their abilities.

Check out  Amy’s blog posts and webinars in our members’ content to see if her philosophies are a match for you!

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