Webinar: Supporting your Horse’s Good Posture in Daily Handling


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Join Amy Skinner for a lecture and Q&A  to delve a little deeper into this topic and broaden your understanding of posture while handling your horse every day on Thursday 24th March 9AM (Pacific); 4PM (UK) 


Amy Skinner is an avid student of the horse and has spent her whole life looking for and developing quality horsemanship. Her training program works for all breeds and disciplines and focuses on promoting softness, balance, and relaxation. With classical dressage basics and an emphasis on lightness and relaxation, she believes that any horse can improve given enough time and understanding. Working with the horse’s mind develops confidence, and an understanding of biomechanics develops correct and sound movement.

As we handle our horses daily, there are always opportunities to support and reinforce good posture in our horses, that helps them to do what we want in ridden work more comfortably.  Do you know what good posture looks like, and how all the things we do daily with the horse either builds good posture or creates bad posture. Activities such as haltering, leading, tying, saddling, etc. can all be used to support good posture – or not!

Don’t miss what promises to be a truly fascinating LIVE event.


If you have any questions, you will have the opportunity to ask Amy during the presentation, or submit a question beforehand to info@equitopiacenter.com

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