Stationary Saddle/Off-Horse Lessons


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 Agi Yother will provide an in-depth evaluation of your position and make adjustments to help build a better seat connection and improve your relationship to your horse.

Equitopia invites you to a one-day stationary saddle/off-horse lessons with Agi Yother

Focus on improving your riding position without the influence of the horse’s movement

 $125/person – 40% discount for Equitopia members

Date: June 5th

Location: Equitopia Center 28102 Thornton Rd, Thornton, CA 95686

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Focus on improving your riding position without the influence of the horse’s movement

Have you ever wondered just where your seat bones are on the saddle Or where they should be for a more secure connection?  

Do you ever find that you are bouncing or losing your stirrups at trot/canter Or maybe you sometimes have trouble putting your leg on without disconnecting your seat? 

Are you looking to improve your connection to the horse’s mouth? Maybe your instructor tells you to “keep your leg quiet”? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe you should join us on 5th June!

  • Practice an improved position without spending so much time on your horse’s back 
  • Find out why and how to fix these rider challenges
  • Practice these skills even with windy, rainy winter weather and bad footing. 
  • No boots, helmet, or horse required. 
  • Lessons are held under cover and Covid safety protocol is followed.

This off-horse method allows for many repetitions to ingrain a new pattern without so much time under saddle for the horse. The use of before-and-after videos and photos gives you immediate feedback to take away