Special Offer from International Trainer Dr Gerd Heuschmann


Get all 3 products for just $90 (Equitopia members) or $109 (non members)!

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Special Offer from International Trainer Dr Gerd Heuschmann

Normal price for 2 courses + 1 webinar: $190

Limited deal:

Members Get ALL 3 for just $90!

Non-member get All 3 for $109!

**Only until 31 December**

Enter coupon code: HEUSCHMANNOFFER2020 at the checkout to get the 3 products for just $90 (Equitopia members) or $109 (non members).

Offer ends on 31 December.

The Basics of Classical Riding: Achieving Balance through Rhythm, Suppleness & Contact – FULL PRICE $90

Problems and Solutions for the Most Common Training Issues – FULL PRICE $75

Equine Biomechanics: Head and Neck Position with Gerd Heuschmann – FULL PRICE $25


  • ‘The depth of explanation added further knowledge and understanding to basic principles I have learned before’.

  • ‘I always enjoy Gerd’s humor, knowledge and compassion for the horse’.

  • ‘Gerd has a very clear ability to explain the riding goals and link them to the biomechanics which help the understanding’.

  • ‘I like how Gerd emphasizes the errors of the modern equestrian and speaks with such compassion for the welfare of the horse’.

  • ‘Fabulous insights and information’.

  • ‘Experience tied to the history of the Masters from Centuries of Classical Horsemanship’.

  • ‘I enjoy Equitopia due to the fact that they focus on the well being of the horse. They produce excellent videos and webinars that really help us to learn by teaching whether it be the biomechanics of the horse or webinars with Master Rider such as Dr. Gerd Heuschmann’.

  • ‘The variety of courses provided and the level of the content covered makes it accessible for horse owners with any level of experience’.

Anyone who has already purchased either of the courses or webinar in this bundle, please contact us at info@equitopiacenter.com and we will give you a discount code for the remaining items in the bundle.
If you have already purchased both of the courses and webinar in the bundle, contact us for a discount code for any other Equitopia course.


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