Webinar: Saddle Fit – the essential bridge to successful outcomes


This webinar took place in March 2021. Only the recording is available for purchase.




Presented by Georgie Welge

In this webinar,  Equitopia’s  lead Saddle Fitter, Georgie Welge, guides you through some key points that will help you gain confidence in the tricky world of saddle fitting.
We  delve in to what saddle fit is; things that affect saddle fit;  checking the condition, health of your saddle; and monitoring the fit of your saddle to your horse and your self.
Georgie shares some tips that you can practice yourself  and offers advice on how to train your eye to know when your saddle needs the help of a professional.

Georgie presented at this live event on 30th March at 10AM (Pacific)/ 6PM (London)


– Very interesting re weight distribution, saddle slip and saddle pressure on one side of withers.

– Great topic and well presented!

– I really enjoyed the detailed information, there is absolutely no way miss how well educated Georgie is as a subject matter expert!

– Very informative

– Very interesting topic. An awesome teacher with an inspiring view of coorperation to suceed and optmize the horse and owner. Thank you!

– Clear and comprehensivewebinar, lovely lecturer

– Very informative and helpful.

– I found the webinar to be informative also found Georgie to be very easy listening to 😀

– I believe it was the right amount of information for a webinar, it was clear and easy to understand. All in all excellent job, thank you!

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