Maintaining fitness and building topline: a case study of a senior horse


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Building muscle and fitness on a young horse or a horse who is in good health, is tricky enough. But when you add 20 years, a history of injuries or physical issues stemming from improper training, the challenge can become extremely daunting.

When we are dealing with a horse with issues, both physical and mental, building up muscle is a delicate process that requires a whole horse approach, constant reassessment, a lot of patience and most of all, time.

Join us for an Equitopia webinar, where we will be discussing these issues in depth through the case study of a senior mare Nancy on her path towards fitness and vitality.

This event will be presented by Equitopia’s lead bodyworker, Katja Porenta, and our lead trainer in Slovenia, Alija Kisilak on

27th October – 10am to 11:30 am (Pacific time)

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