Maintaining fitness and building topline: a case study of a senior horse




Are you struggling to get the best results for your senior horse?

Are you tired of following random pieces of advice, that just don’t give the results you want?

Imagine that someone who has actually succeeded in getting a senior horse on the path to fitness and vitality wanted to help you!

In this webinar recording, Equitopia’s lead bodyworker, Katja Porenta, and our lead trainer in Slovenia, Alija Kisilak, show you how they brought the lovely Nancy back to fitness.

This webinar (live event and recording) is included as part of the monthly content provided for everyone signed up to Equitopia’s membership program

Equitopia members may view the edited recording on the ‘Webinars’ section of the Equitopia website. Non members who purchase the webinar recording, will be able to view it by logging into the Equitopia website and clicking on the ‘My Courses’ icon.

Here’s a sample of what people said about this webinar:

  • ‘Fantastic webinar. I thought the two presenters worked seamlessly together to give a very polished presentation and Q&A session. I loved their approach to their work and thought they explained it well. So refreshing to see people who don’t ‘write off’ horses.’
  • ‘The insights given in this webinar reinforce the thinking approach to owning/training a horse. The biomechanical aspects plus understanding the mental state of the horse benefits the human/horse ease of communication leading to mutual relaxation and pleasure in being together.’
  • I found this webinar v informative and useful – great value!!
  • ‘I really enjoyed this webinar. The case studies provided impressive before and after photographs and videos to show the benefits of the program. Exercises were clearly explained and illustrated. It was inspiring, and I plan to use some of the exercises for my 24 year old schoolmaster as well as a younger horse I am rehabbing. Thank you very much.’