Horse Trainers’ Insight Package


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1. Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse

This course consisting of 37 video lessons  – presented over 10 topics, gives you the key to horse friendly training AND good performance.

Dr. Karin Leibbrandt of 4dimension dressage at Equicare Plus in Holland clearly explains the science behind proper training, and guides you towards a regime that will give you the results you want.

Learning is great for you and your horse!

2. Equine Biomechanics: Head and Neck Position

In this 8-part video course, world-renowned Trainer, Author and Veterinarian – Gerd Heuschmann introduces equine biomechanics of the head and neck position in relation to achieving a good working balance.

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3. The Basics of Classical Riding with Dr Gerd Heuschmann

Embark on an amazing journey to explore and understand the basics of classical riding and the components of true self carriage.

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4. Problems and Solutions for the Most Common Training Issues

This is your opportunity to learn from someone who has devoted their whole life to studying and learning about the correct biomechanical approach to training horses and riders.

What People Say about Equitopia

“Equitopia has been both a source of trusted information and inspiration to me on my journey with horses” J. McPeters, USA

“Today it is easy to get overwhelmed by so many conflicting theories in the equestrian world. But here, in Equitopia, knowledge is not only power, but also an act of love and kindness towards the horse.” M. Poljak, Croatia

“Equitopia presents a lot of valuable and MUCH needed information at one’s fingertips. My time is very limited, so having access 24/7 is essential and the cost is minimal and well worth it.” M.L Thatcher, USA

Equitopia courses are absolutely fantastic!!!! H. Holdom, Australia

“I love the videos because they have credible and resourceful professionals who seem to know what I need to know when I need it! ” I. Marx, South Africa

“Equitopia is not a game changer – it’s a life changer!! If you love your horse then you should join this adventure of creating and maintaining happy, healthy athletes. Thank you Equitopia! Equitopia forever! B. Kusak, Poland

“I have been involved in the horse industry all my life and I always felt there was something missing. Well, now I have found it! What a fantastic resource and it has helped me to become a better horse owner and trainer placing welfare and understanding of the equine emotions at the top of the list.” M. Neason, UK

I love all the different training that’s available with the most up to date information, I recommend to all my clients! B. Upton Derbyshire


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