The Most Effective Horse Handling Techniques for Improved Posture and Alignment



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Learn these Must-Know Handling Techniques for Posture and Alignment Perfection




“Join me on a journey to a happier horse. Learn simple, yet profound ways to improve your horse’s posture and alignment today.

With my expertise in classical dressage and passion for quality horsemanship, I’ll guide you every step of the way to build a deeper, greater relationship with your horse.”

Amy Skinner, Trainer & Educator

Save yourself from expensive vet bills in the future - learn how to keep your horse healthy NOW!

Learning is good for you and your horse!

Equitopia courses are easy to navigate and designed to inspire genuine horse people to be (even) better!

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Catch your horse calmly

  • Put on and take off the halter gently

  • Lead your horse in a way that’s good for his posture and alignment, and

  • Safely get your horse in and out of a trailer.

In a way that achieves optimal alignment and posture for your horse.

What you will learn in this course:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Posture and Alignment for Handlers

  • Identify specific aspects of good posture and alignment.
  • Distinguish between good and not so good posture and alignment – if we can’t recognize it – how can we improve?

Lesson 2: Achieving correct posture and alignment in daily handling practices – 1

  • Learn to differentiate between good posture and bad posture in catching, haltering, and leading
  • Learn to carry out these activities in a manner that supports good posture development in your horse.

Lesson 3: Achieving correct posture and alignment in daily handling practices – 2

  • Are you sure your are tying, grooming and saddling in a way that promotes good posture and alignement? These are critical practices that you need to get right. In this lesson, you will learn these skills.

Lesson 4: Applying correct handling skills for trailer loading

  • Loading a horse into a trailer can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In the videos in this module, Amy breaks down trailer loading into a number of parts that are easy to understand and to put into practice.

Read what people say about Amy's teaching:

” Loved it! I have two 2 year olds, and the next two years will be devoted to postural stuff from the ground”

“So much interesting information! I honestly had never thought of the importance of good leading and tying. I will definitely be making some changes in my handling/tying.”

“Amy does a great job breaking down concepts to be easy to understand!”

“Amy gives great advice and tips and has definitely opened my mind to learning more about how I can help my horses. I really enjoyed her overview of how a horse should ideally be framed, i.e head and neck muscle development, straightness and how the handler’s position and connection can influence correct development of the horse. It’s good to hear a different perspective instead of glossing over the basics, like I have done many times.”



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